Zimmoah has own trailor and kind of trucks for each case of cargo moderately.

All equipments are conveniently prepared every time for valuable customers.

Equipment Quantity Remarks
Trailor Head 25 EA for Container & B/Bulk
Container Chassis 25 EA 40' - 20 EA, 20' - 5 EA
25 ton Truck 5 EA General, Bulk Cargo
8 Ton Truck 5 EA Air & LCL Cargo
5 Ton Truck 2 EA Air & LCL Cargo
Lift 13 EA CFS, Warehouse
Van 7 EA Sale & Documents

Service Route

Regular timetable from Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya to each cities

Point to point trucking services throughout continental Java

Dedicated fleet of trucks provides constant, reliable, on-time delivery of cargo where you need it

No. City Distance Time
1 Cilegon 150km 4h
2 Tangerang 50km 2h
3 Hub Jakarta 500km to Hub Semarang 14h
4 Bekasi 35km 1h
5 Cikarang 65km 2h
6 Karawang 80km 3h
7 Bogor 70km 3h
8 Purwakarta 100km 4h
9 Sukabumi 130km 5h
10 Bandung 170km 6h
11 Subang 150km 4h
12 Majalengka 210km 7h
13 Tegal 310km 9h
14 Purwokerto 365km 10h
15 Magelang 70km 4h
16 Yogyakarta 150km 6h
17 Hub Semarang 500km to Hub Jakarta 14h
18 Salatiga 60km 3h
19 Boyorali 90km 4h
20 Jepara 50km 3h
21 Suratkarta 110km 5h
22 Purwodadi 70km 4h
23 Kediri 130km 4h
24 Mojokerto 70km 2h
25 Gresik 20km 1h
26 Malang 95km 3h
27 Hub Surabaya 800km to Hub Jakarta 22h
28 Pasuruan 90km 3h
29 Probolinggo 150km 5h
30 Denpasar 420km 12h